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iTelemetry Dongle

IRC-ITELDGL - iTelemetry Dongle Immersion RC IRC-ITELDGL
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The new ′v2′ ImmersionRC iTelemetry Dongle is the interface between your model′s telemetry downlink, and your smart phone or tablet.

A unique real-time telemetry decoder application, available as a free download for either iOS or Android devices, shows your model′s position in real-time on a moving map, and shows critical flight parameters.

The ImmersionRC iTelemetry dongle connects between your A/V receiver′s output, via a standard 3.5mm 4-pole jack, and your smart-phone or tablet′s headphone/mic input.

A unique real-time telemetry decoder application, freely downloadable from either the ImmersionRC website, or the apple AppStore, provides the following features
- Moving map display, plane position shown as a trail of ′breadcrumbs′ during flight
- Recovery of lost models, showing the model′s last known position, along with the position of the smart-phone/tablet.
- Real-time updates of:
- positional status (distance, altitude, direction, etc.)
- uplink status (RSSI, Link Quality)
- Battery status (current, voltage, mAh consumed)
- Headphone output to allow smart device audio alerts to be heard by the pilot
- Adjustable ′thumbwheel′ gain control, to adapt the audio levels to different devices.
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