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Align 6S1P 22.2V 2600mAh/50C

HBP26004 - Align 6S1P 22.2V 2600mAh_50C HBP26004
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• These high discharge lithium polymer batteries are designed to maintain performance in series configuration, and can be charged individually through balancing plug. The extreme high capacity are catered specifically for applications requiring longest flight duration, Suitable for T-REX 500 extreme maneuver flight needed
• Max Continuous Discharge: 50C. Normal operating temperature is approx. 40-65°C(within 80% of rated discharge). Max. temperature: 80°C.
• Recommend to discharge the battery within 80% of rated discharge, keep 95% capacity when over 100 cycles, keep 90% capacity when over 150 cycles.(The cycle life and efficiency will reduce due to high current, high temperature and over-discharge)

• Output: 22.2V 2600mAh 57Wh (6S1P)
• Dimension: 140x43x38mm
• Weight: 455g (without connectors)
• Max Continuous Discharge: 50C
• Using 12AWG wire,thermal resistance: 200°C, max continuous current 110A
• Support 5C charging
(Charging error could result in battery explosion, fire, and other unexpected danger or property loss. Please always charge batteries with equipment in sight, do not leave charger unattended. Should you need to leave the charging area, please remove the battery and abort charging process.)
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