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Superior Starter (For Airplane) yellow

HFSSTQ02 - Superior Starter (Flaechenmodelle) gelb Align HFSSTQ02
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• Ergonomically designed for optimal hand grip to prevent slippage, light
weight, and easy to assemble/disassemble for transport ease. Suitable
for fixed wing airplanes or helicopters, engine can be started with a
simple one hand press on the button.
ullet Suitable for up to 50cc gasoline engine or 300 class nitro engine.
ullet Designed for user replaceable, common 450 heli sized
3S1P 1900~2300mAh/16c lipo batteries. Fully charged battery is
capable of 500 starts and beyond. Battery packs are charged with any T-REX 450 battery chargers.
ullet Starting adaptor includes double one way bearing design.
ullet High efficiency motor providing high starting power, and low reacting force.
ullet LED battery voltage indicator and over-discharge protection circuitry.
ullet Battery undervoltage protection.
ullet Overheating protection
ullet Protection against stalling by flooded torque overloading engine.

ullet Suitable battery: Li-Po 3S1P 11.1V 1900~2300mAh 16C and above (maximum size 112x35x24mm)
ullet No load rotation speed: 2300rpm
ullet Battery undervoltage: 10.8V
ullet Quiescent current: 0 mA
ullet Motor overheat protection: 80°C
ullet Decelerate gear ratio: 5.3:1
ullet Size:80x60x390mm
ullet Weight:700g (w/o battery)
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