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Glow Plug-4A (No4A)

HE50H24 - Glow Plug-4A (No4A) Align HE50H24
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• Glow plug with Medium heat rating, suitable for mild climate or high speed engine.
• Apply to R/C Helicopter engines¡BR/C Airplane engines and R/C Car engines.

• Carbon buildup on glow plug element may occur as the glow plug age. The dark brown carbon buildup will result in reduced ignition point, causing difficulties in starting as well as rough running. The glow plug should be replaced when this occurs.
• The following situations may be the result of improper glow plug type.
1. Too cold: Poor throttle response at low engine speed; Unsustainable Idle causing the engine to stall; Slow engine acceleration; The engine cools quickly during Idle.
2. Too hot: After running the engine at high speed, the rotation speed decreases slowly when throttle down the engine. Engine has difficulties returning to idle speed quickly. The glow plug is burnt at higher engine temperatures.

• #4A glow plug x1

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