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Flying Polo Shirt (DFC) schwarz

HOC00206 - Flying Polo Shirt (DFC) schwarz Align HOC00206
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Align Flying Polo Shirt (DFC) schwarz

Size: XS
Chest Length: 87cm / 34.26in
Shoulder Length: 38.5cm / 15.16in
Sleeve Length: 57cm / 22.44in
Body Length: 71cm / 27.95in

Size: S
Chest Length: 92cm / 36.22in
Shoulder Length: 41cm / 16.14in
Sleeve Length: 58cm / 22.83in
Body Length: 71cm / 27.95in

Size: M
Chest Length: 99cm / 38.98in
Shoulder Length: 44cm / 17.32in
Sleeve Length: 59cm / 23.23in
Body Length: 73cm / 28.74in

Size: L
Chest Length: 103cm / 40.56in
Shoulder Length: 46cm / 18.11in
Sleeve Length: 60cm / 23.62in
Body Length: 75.5cm / 29.72in

Size: XL
Chest Length: 107cm / 42.12in
Shoulder Length: 49cm / 19.29in
Sleeve Length: 61cm / 24.02in
Body Length: 78cm / 30.71in

Size: 2XL
Chest Length: 111cm / 43.7in
Shoulder Length: 51cm / 20.08in
Sleeve Length: 61.5cm / 24.21in
Body Length: 82cm / 32.28in

Size: 3XL
Chest Length: 115cm / 45.28in
Shoulder Length: 53cm / 20.87in
Sleeve Length: 62cm / 24.41in
Body Length: 83.5cm / 32.87in

Size: 4XL
Chest Length: 120cm / 47.24in
Shoulder Length: 55cm / 21.65in
Sleeve Length: 62cm / 24.41in
Body Length: 83.5cm / 32.87in
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