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DUO Dual Channel Voltage Regulator

GVR-3003 - DUO Dual Channel Voltage Regulator Gryphon GVR-3003
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DUO Dual Channel Linear Voltage Regulator

Duo (GVR-3003) regulator of the helicopter was developed as a linear regulator with a dedicated Gyro,
RC cars, planes, boats, etc. are designed to be used as general purpose.
Unlike conventional regulator, it will be installed between Battery - Receiver, Receiver - Servo or receiver -
Gyro and it can be easily and securely operated without switch.

- Input voltage: 6 to 10 Volts (5 to 8 cell NiCd/MH or 2cell LiFe/Po)
- Output voltage: 5.2V, 6.0V
- Output current: 3A (Continuous), MAX 10A (@6V / 30sec)
- Size: 10mm(H) x 23mm(W) x 40mm(L)
- Weight: 10g (Excluding cables)
- Components: Main unit 1EA, RX cable 2EA

• Using a high quality LDO controller as a Linear Regulator essentially switching
noise does not occur and for the load on voltage stability and transient response
characteristics and the current supply capacity is excellent.
• High Power Devices Parallel Design maximum output 10A(@30sec) and has
been promoting safety.
• Set the jumper connectors using the output voltage of 5.2V 6.0V can be
• Excusive Gyro regultor which is accurate and reliable regulator indicates Rudder
response characteristics as well.
• Compact size and weight, as well as RC helicopters, airplanes, cars, boats,
etc. can be used as the main regulator, the former distance.
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