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Align GP900 Head Lock Gyro

HEG90001 - Align GP900 Head Lock Gyro HEG90001
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• A new generation, multi-purpose gyroscope is born! The Align GP900 is the most feature rich, highest performance gyro on the market. In addition to supporting Spektrum/JR satellites so traditional receivers can be omitted, it is also compatible with Futabas S-BUS system. A throttle governor for gas/glow helicopters is built in, plus PC interface for custom parameter tweaking and firmware updates.
• A high processing cycle CPU is used to achieve more precise rudder compensation calculations quickly, providing the optimal rudder control for the modern high powered helicopters. Rudder pirouetting optimization allows for consistent pirouettes no matter what maneuver or speed.
• The multi-purpose Align GP900 is the ideal gyro system for flybar helis as well as F3C contestants. Upgrade now and experience the dramatic difference this gyro provides!

1. Utilizes MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) micro electronic sensors whichare small, highly reliable, and highly stable.
2. 16bit high processing speed CPU is used for ultra high resolution, resultingin higher rudder precision than previously possible, even on modern high powered helicopters.
3. Supports Spektrum and JR satellites, traditional receiver not needed.
4. Support Futabs S-BUS system.
5. Support both digital and analog servos.
6. Support both wide and narrow band receivers.
7. Integrated RCE-G600 speed governor function, thus GP900 can provide speed governor function without additional electronics.
8. Suitable for all 200 to 700 size glow engine or electric helicopters, with higher vibration resistance than any other systems. Superior performance is achievable even with harder mounting foam tapes.
9. Support parameter setting through PC interface, as well as firmware updates.
10. Anti-torque compensation. Optimal tail locking achievable no matter if gyro is mounted up, right or inverted.

• Operating Voltage: DC 3.5~8.4V
• Current Consumption: < 80mA @ 4.8V
• Angular Detection Speed: 600 degrees/sec
• Operating Humidity: - 20C ~ 65C
• RoHS certification.
• Operating Humidity: 0% ~ 95%
• Size: 36.5x25.2x15.6mm
• Weight: 11g

• Signal wire x 3
• Bind Plug x1
• Double sided tape x 2
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