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RevCo "Hard One" 0.6M Ritzel, 5mm Welle 17T

HO-0600H5-17 - RevCo Hard One 0.6M Ritzel. 5mm Welle 17T freakware HO-0600H5-17
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RevCo "Hard One" 0.6M Hardened Pinion Gear, 5mm Shaft Diameter 17T

Not all Pinions are Created Equal

RevCo Hard One Pinions are the last pinion gears you will ever need. They are machined from a special steel alloy and hardened for ultimate strength and durability. We maintain extremely tight tolerances so the pitch of the gear is precise. The means our gears run very quietly and efficiently.

As Brass or Aluminum gears wear the interface between the pinion and spur gears degrade. You can see this as sharp pointed teeth on pinion and spur gears. The wear can also be heard as a grating sound while your helicopter is flying.

Hard One Pinions are so tough that they can be eliminated as a potential wear point. They can actually make your spur gears last longer! They are also strong enough to survive any insane power system that you can fit in your helicopter.

If you have a Neu Motor - Neu motor shafts are .05mm over size. The solution to this is to run the motor at low rpm and touch a piece of 400grit sand paper against the shaft for a couple of seconds. Then the pinions fit perfectly.
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