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Hauptzahnrad 70Z inkl Aufnahme - nCP X / nCP S

LX0595 - Hauptzahnrad 70Z inkl Aufnahme - nCP X _ nCP S LYNX LX0595
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Lynx Heli Innovations has designed a CNC main gear for your NANO-CPX and relative Main Gear Hub to make the assembly Plug and Play in the standard NANO-CPX Heli with standard or upgraded main shaft.
Main gear and hub are manufactory by CNC operation from solid material to assure the best precision per dimensions and geometry.
Smooth power transmission and Heavy Duty specification will support your NANO-CPX need to next level.
We spent time optimizing the design and fly testing to achieve the required strength and resistance with final design without compromise.
We are pilots, and we demand a heli that fly smooth for long time without any vibes or wear issue and can support any over-stress fly and crash condition.

- Direct replacement for your NANO-CPX main gear, Plug and Play feature, useable with std or upgraded main shaft.
- Tecnopolymer Precise and reinforced CNC main gear assures best wear resistance and perfect tooth mesh.
- Super precise Main gear concentricity for smooth and silent power transmission
- Main gear cut design for the ultimate main gear rigidity
- Main Gear Hub with standard planar slot assisted by screw lock assures perfect geometrically assembly and no play.
- FEA (Finite Elements Analysis) assisted, achieve lightweight and maximum strength.

- One Way Hub Material: Aluminum 7075-T6 - Clear Anodize
- Main gear Specification: 70 T Mod. 0.3mm – Correct OD for perfect mesh without pinion adjustment.
- Hardware Material: Chrome Steel Class 12.9
- Assembly weight: 1.12 gr.

- 1 x NANO-CPX CNC Main Gear Hub – Silver Color Preassembled with CNC Main Gear 70T Mod. 0.3
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