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G3 Handheld 5D Gimbal Combo

RGG304X - G3 Handheld 5D Gimbal Combo Align RGG304X
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Align handheld rig with easy disassembly and installation feature is compatible with G3 series Gimbal. Allow to interface with PC, as well as iOS and Android systems through the use of Bluetooth. Built-in receiver interface to accept various receiver systems on the market. An internal HDMI/AV converter for live video output to your video transmitter.
Unique carry box for handheld rig, small size, lightweight, and stylish exterior that functionally provide best protection for each aerial photography devices on its position.

1. Multi-functional handheld rig offers varied scenarios photography.
2. Nimble gimbal control offer fast photo and video capture.
3. Compatible with high capacity battery allow long duration photography.
4. Simple and clever battery magnetic mount design.
5. Easy disassembly and install structure allow fast switch from handheld to aerial photography.
6. Specialized handheld rig frame provide an easy layout.
7. Available for monitor mounting on the top.
8. Support transmitter controlling mode: Gimbal TILT, PAN, ROLL, photo shutter and video recording control.

Standard Equipment:
●Handle Bar x 1
●Tuning Stand x 1
●G3-5D Gimbal x 1
●RCC-4SD Balance Charger x 1
●Li-Polymer Battery x 1
●Carry Box(A sponge is included) x 1
●Battery Cable Set x 1
●DC Power Wire x 1
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