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EzOSD On Screen Display Dean

IRC-EZOSDD - EzOSD On Screen Display Dean Immersion RC IRC-EZOSDD
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EzOSD On Screen Display
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An on-screen display is a very important part of an FPV′ers equipment. Similar to the HUD in a fighter-plane,
the OSD overlays various pieces of critical information onto the video image, which will be viewed by the FPV pilot.

- Plug and Play operation, manual not required
- Crisp, clear, uncluttered text overlay
- Programmable safety alarms
- Telemetry downlink (antenna tracking & Google Earth Link)
- 100A current sensor and 5Hz GPS

The FPV′ers OSD

FPV is coming of age, and its time for FPV equipment to come of age also.
The EzOSD was created by FPVers with hundreds of hours of experience,
after listening to the wishes of countless ′Newbies′, and experienced pilots alike.

Simple Setup

Who wants to spent hours in front of a PC, or wading through a manual, to setup an OSD.
The EzOSD′s on-screen menu system is integrated, and accessed using three simple buttons.
No need to hook up, and configure a R/C transmitter/receiver to access the setup menus!


The EzOSD module may be used stand-alone, and will offer navigation, and basic voltage measuring capabilities.
For Gas models, this is generally all that is required for safe FPV flight. The included 100A current sensor records
not only the instantaneous current consumption, but also keeps track of the battery level, recording precisely the
number of mAh consumed. Don′t be fooled by cheaper imitations which claim that a current sensor is not required!


All sensor data and the GPS position of the model, is sent down a telemetry link 10x/sec.
The EzAntennaTracker displays this, and steers a directional antenna to always point to your model.
The free ′Immersion Player′ requires a simple audio connection to your PC′s microphone input to show your plane′s position,
Live, on a Google-Earth Map.


Its easy to exceed the maximum altitude, or distance, allowed for FPV (or any other flight) in your region.
The EzOSD can be setup to warn you, when selected parameters are exceeded, for example, altitude > 150m.
Support is also provided to comply with Amateur radio callsign broadcast requirements. The EzOSD can automatically
broadcast your callsign periodically.
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