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Extreme - Heli Dual Linear Voltage Regulator - silber

GVR-7020S - Extreme - Heli Dual Linear Voltage Regulator - silber Gryphon GVR-7020S
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Gryphon Extreme-Heli regulator is dual linear regulator consisting of hybrid components with the power supply scheme by reboost power bus,
which is high-end grade regulator to satisfy both utmost Extreme 3D flying and F3C to pursue perfect stability for high-class users.
This regulator, is actively applied with rapidly changing RC environment such as popularizing trend of Extreme 3D flying,
becoming bigger of the body and high performance of the servo from the product design stage,
has been developed to focus on the quality and stability of power and the improvement of transient response of entire power system instead of traditional
method which uses simple current capacity as a measure for designing a regulator.
In addition, the safety as well as user′s convenience are secured to add the alarm function for low voltage of the receiver battery.
Power supply scheme by the reboost power bus uniformly distributes power required for CCPM servo channel to guarantee stable property of the body,
and can perform faithful Gyro function with excellent blocking effect against external noise such as reverse electromotive force of CCPM servo due to direct connection between the gyro system and RX.
It has passed various electronics countermeasure test and long-term field test,
and optimized to tune with extreme operating environment as the project product even through the test for extremely hot weather in a desert region.
Therefore, it should be the masterpiece of regulator to find differentiated performance other than any products experienced before.

• What is the Reboost Power Bus?
It is state-of-the-art power supply system trying to obtain operating stability for a servo and maximization of performance to rapidly supply the voltage and current required
for a servo of each channel by the shortest path, maximum capacity using a regulator as a hub of power system instead of traditional scheme supplying power for a servo via a receiver.

• As the world′s famous products have kept just DC-DC voltage regulator of linear type,
this product is also dual channel linear regulator that wouldn′t fundamentally generate switching noise and ripples contrary to switching-type regulator and has superior voltage stability,
current supplying capability, and transient response against radical load variation.
Therefore, it is enable to safely apply to PPM, PCM schemes as well as all system including 2.4GHz.
• Total electric current consumption during extreme 3D, F3C flight approaches 8A. Thus traditional power supply scheme has limits not to effectively operate servos.
To improve it, this product is applied with the reboost power bus scheme based on new concept that a regulator directly supply power to a servo for each channel instead of passing battery power through a receiver.
• Contrary to existing products that two same regulators are packed in a case, it has manufactured that each electronic device can achieve the best performance
with designing hybrid type to use each other output component for CCPM servo′s circuits emphasizing the power and responsibility, RX and Gyro′s circuits emphasizing the voltage stability and noise-free.
• Output voltage setup is designed to choose required voltage among five preset voltages of 5.2V, 6.0V, 6.8V, 7.4V, 8.4V (Bypass) by four-stage DIP switch.
Therefore, additional device to measure the voltage is not required for voltage setting and everyone can easily and quickly set the voltage.
• Low voltage alarm circuit is embedded to guarantee user′s convenience and safety. According to the type of battery or the preference,
alarm voltage can be arbitrarily established (7.3V or 6.5V) and chosen whether or not to use.
• If the voltage of main battery falls below the voltage established for low voltage alarm, low voltage alarm circuit begin to operate.
Both LOW/BATT LED display and buzzer on main unit are simultaneously active, external LED board (GDB-1010 option), mounted on the fuselage, distinguishable even in flight is equipped.
Three high-luminance LEDs on external LED board quickly flicker on and off in the case of low voltage so that it is possible to immediately recognize low voltage alarm condition even in day long flight.
• There are input/output ports for four channels. Three servos for CCPM as well as throttle servo can supply the power optimized to servo specification (4.8V or 6.0V),
and the voltage optimized to each servo even for system using 4.8V mixed with 6.0V servo.
• It is supported to use 7.4V HV servo. If output voltage is setup to 7.4V or 8.4V (Bypass),
it is able to achieve more stable power supply and transient response than 7.4V battery direct connecting scheme to perform the buffer regulator function along with capacitor circuit.
• If the battery voltage is lower than the regulator setup voltage, safety accident from shut-down bypassing the battery voltage to the output voltage can be prevented.
• Fail-safe-on Pin-flag switch board (GSB-1010P) is basically installed, and slide switch board (GSB-1010S) to consider each user′s preference and convenience is provided as additional product.
Each switch board is equipped with LED to check regulator′s operation.
• Inconvenience to charge after separating the battery while charging is improved by using charging and voltage checking cable.
• Dual battery input is supported for special purpose user. If additional battery is connected with charging and voltage checking cable, two battery power can be supplied to the regulator in parallel.
• Various cables, switches, and LED unit can be arbitrarily removable depending on user′s convenience,
and they are manufactured as modules to extend or reduce cable′s length and to exchange, and can be purchased separately.

- Input voltage: 6 to 10 Volts (5 to 8 cell NiCd/MH or 2cell LiFe/Po)
- Output voltage: Servo channel 5.2V, 6.0V, 6.8V, 7.4V, 8.4V (Bypass) / RX channel 5.2V (Fixed)
- Output current: Servo channel 10A (max 15A @ 6.0V) / RX channel 5A (max 10A)
- Low voltage alarm setup: LiFe type (6.5V) / LiPo type (7.3V) Enable to setup
- Switch type: Fail safe (Fail-Safe-On) Pin-flag Contactless Type
- Power connector type: DEAN Connector Type
- Size: 17mm(H) x 40mm(W) x 64mm(L)
- Weight: 45g (Excluding cables)
- Components: Main unit (1 pcs), RX cable (4 pcs), Switchboard & Cable (1 pcs), Operating guide (1 pcs)
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