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3-Blatt Hauptrotorkopf, schwarz - 180 CFX

LX1699 - 3-Blatt Hauptrotorkopf. schwarz - 180 CFX LYNX LX1699
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The Lynx 180 CFX Tree Blade System per design, increases the cyclic response, giving a better FBL control and increase the main rotor disc load and the main disc lock effect. These effects support pilots that like modify the behavior of the 180 from sedate to very aggressive, just changing the head speed.


• Direct replacement for 180 CFX.
• New and different way to fly your 180 CFX.
• Easy to build and repair in case of crash.
• Increased cyclic and collective response.
• Unique look and fly sound.
• System come with dedicated Carbon Plastic 155mm Main Blade with special profile that assure the best performance and allow the complete blade folding.


• 3x Main Blade Lynx Carbon Plastic 155 mm - Special Profile for Tree Head System
• 1x 180 CFX Tree Head System Main Head (Preassembled NOT Ready to fly; follow manual for final assembly)
• 1x 180 CFX Tree Head System Swashplate
• 1x 180 CFX Tree Head System Blade Holder Foam
• 1x 5mm Toll Key for Spindle Service

Follow user manual for more information of final assembly. Tree Head System need a different FBL set up compare the two Head.
Compare the Two FBL setting need a considerable Cyclic Gain. In particular, the Elevator. We suggest to test carefully on the begin and reduce the Cyclic Gain until overshooting behavior will detect. Setup become much easier with upgraded FBS, were is possible select independent Aileron or Elevator Axe and easy find the necessary setup, however test was also based to standard 180 FBL System with great final result.
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