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Servo Saver Horn - Micro Servos

LX1097 - Servo Saver Horn - Micro Servos LYNX LX1097
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Lynx Heli Innovations introduces our Micro Servo Gear Saver Arm set. Specifically for helicopters that use micro servos, in particular the T-Rex 150, 130X and 180CFX with upgraded rotary servos. We designed this gear saver arm set in response to customer suggestions and used our expertise and rigorous testing to develop this simple but clever servo gear saver system. The servo arm was designed and tested to protect and save your servo gears from stripping in a crash. Fixing an easily adjustable servo arm is much quicker than rebuilding the servo gear train after a crash.
Lynx Micro Servo Gear Saver Arms are composed of a specially designed clamping servo arm that is surrounded by a flexible ring which is then screwed to the splined servo output shaft. During normal flight it acts much like a regular servo horn, but in case of a crash or too much load on the servo, the outer ring with stretch and allow the clamping servo arm to disengage and rotate around the splined servo shaft. Relieving stress and protecting the gears from stripping. The servo arms are reusable many times, not simply a breakaway part and will definitely increase your micro servo equipped helicopterquote s crash resistance while maintaining the best flight performance.

- For use on micro sized servos (metal or plastic gears).
- Saves your servo gears from stripping in a crash.
- Direct fit replacement for T-Rex150, 130X, 180CFX helicopter.
- Plug and play, easy installation.
- Ultra Strong and durable; reusable many times.
- Download user manual here for the perfect installation functions.

- Servo Arm Material: POM base copolymer
- Ring Spring Material: Elastomer EPDM base
- Friction Washer Material: PFTE base

3 x set micro servo gear saver arm
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