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DJI Inspire1 Battery Heater (Part 15)

DJII011523 - DJI Inspire1 Akkuwaermer (Part15) DJI Innovations DJII011523
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The performance of your Inspire1 Intelligent Flight Battery is subject to environmental factors.
Low temperature will have adverse effect on the performance of Inspire1 Intelligent Flight Battery.
The Inspire1 Battery Heater helps to exert the optimum battery performance by heating the battery to a more suitable temperature (above 5°C) before flight, enable the users flying their Inspire1 in a more reliable way.

Insert the Intelligent Flight battery into the Battery Heater compartment before take-off, as it requires a tiny proportion of power from the flight battery to pre-heat.

Using the Battery Heater
1. Ensure the battery is fully charged and powered off. Insert the battery into the Battery Heater compartment.
2. Turn the battery on and allow it to warm for 10-15 minutes (Actual operation time is subject to environment temperature. Longer or shorter times maybe required). Do not leave the battery unattended for extended period of time.
3. Turn the battery off and leave it in the Battery Heater for an additional 5 minutes (Actual operation time is subject to environment temperature. Longer or shorter times maybe required). The Intelligent Flight Battery is now ready for use.

Notice: A 3-stage overheat protection mechanism has been incorporated into the Battery Heater’ s design to prevent the battery from reaching temperatures that exceed its design parameters. To ensure that the battery does not overheat, the heater will be automatically deactivated at temperatures exceeding 30°C, with additional failsafe barriers in place at 50°C and 98°C.


Recommended Usage Temperature: -20°C to 5°C
Heating Range: 30° C=b1 5 ° C
Power: no more than 41.5W
Input Voltage: 18-26.1V, DC
Input Amperage: no more than 1.6A
Dimension: 62x99x115mm
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